Some fans are just plain jealous of Julia's relationship with Moz!!!


Hi Jason!

I have MANY other gifts too.....apart from my "Ramblings"..
I also go "Fell walking"........( My schoolteacher also said "I had a way with Clay", but I suppose thats another story......)
I once spotted some Nice "lesser Terned yellow- billedThrowbills" ( April 9th 2003 @ 2.51.57 Am at Chiselhurst Country house stately home.....But the Owners dogs saw me off.....

Julia.....lets just Elope!!! Fcuk all this!!!
I don't even Know you...but I love you ( Money isn't everything...... Honest, but, I would still like to borrow that tenner!!!).
See Ya at the Barricades, babe!!
( ....already got the Ring from "Argos"....Hope it fits!!!)

do you only post when you're drunk or something?

also, Julia is older, she was probably born closer to 64, not 84.


Lust a prima vista
Strictly speaking, Pamela Anderson isn't a vegetarian. She eats men. Whole. :eek:

I think a little cannibalism is ok.. PETA is against animal cruetly.. Pammy is very much a friend of animals.. she seems to be quite fond of snakes.


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I'm not jealous, merely apathetic.
So, she's got a ton of money and can afford to follow Morrissey around the world: yay for her, but I'm sure I'd quickly become bored of doing so. (Frankly, I'll settle for simply managing to attend a non-cancelled gig)
It doesn't give her the right to be a dick to anyone, but if she's not a dick to me, I wouldn't be a dick to her.


Yeah, that's me...that was taken after a fight at one of Morrissey's gigs at the Forum in '99.

Someone hit you in the face at a gig?

Big surprise.

Good on yer 'Because We Must'. I think your point I made bold is most valid.

I'd also like to add that Marred is a c***, as I have experienced in the past.

Neither you or your buddy "Because we must" know or have met Julia and you call her a "f***ing Bitch"? You don't know me and you call me a "c***"?

I think I see a pattern forming here :)

I think I'll get over it :)

I hope this Julia thing continues to get under your skin.

Ok I'm done. Unsubscribing from this thread as any reply from either of you has to sink even lower than you've already gone and I'm not interested. If I thought you could debate me like an intelligent human being I'd probably hang around but I don't have the patience.

Better still I think it's about time I used the Ignore list :)
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