Solo-wise, which is your LEAST loved Morrissey album?

Your least love Moz album solo-wise

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To all those who voted for Viva Hate ya'll don't come back now ya hear? :D:crazy:
these results are pretty interesting. it's the first time ROTT has been revealed as one of his worst ever albums.
we've got the three good ones, Viva Hate, Vauxhall and Your Arsenal, the three middling ones (YOR, Southpaw, Who Ate Me Curry) and three duff; Maladjusted, Kill Uncle, ROTT.
like a few of you, I'm baffled by the response to Kill Uncle. at the time it was clearly a low point as it followed the majesty of the Smiths albums and the Street material. but compared to the hit-and-miss patchiness of the post 94 albums, it actually stands up pretty well. Sing Your Life remains utterly wonderful as does Driving Your Girlfriend. Mute Witness, Frank, Family Line, Asian Rut are all ok.
Maladjusted. It just sounds so uninspired, with flat, dull production. Collectively, it has the weakest songs of any of the solo albums, Trouble Loves Me is it's only high point for me - and the cover, looks like it was thrown together by someone who'd had an hour of practice on photoshop. Each to their own, I guess.

Don't judge an album by its cover... :blushing:

Really beautiful stuff.
Whatever album Billy Budd is on.
I really like Kill Uncle.

I really believe that the last couple of albums have been Moz' worst. That said I do love some of the songs on each of them.

No doubt Kill Uncle could have been better had it been produced with the same tempo as the songs were performed in 1991 tours.

ROTT, Maladjusted and YOR would be my bottom three.
It's a toss up between Quarry and YOR.

I understand why Quarry is a popular album, being his comeback album and all, and maybe even one that introduced young fans to Moz. I just...I can't get into it. I like alot of the b-sides, but the a-sides don't excite me much at all. I'll give it the occasional play through, mostly to hear "It's Hard to Walk Tall When You're Small" "Teenage Dad" and "Munich Air Disaster" (I have the 'deluxe' version), but other than that, it's sort of lame.

YOR is the same for me. It's okayish. A few good songs, like "Mama", "Skull" and "Goodbye/Farewell" but most of it is mediocre and forgetable. I've hardly listened to it at all since February.

I think Ringleader is his best album of the "new" era. I know I'm in the minority, but I really love it. I also love Kill Uncle and Mala. I wouldn't have been able to choose a least favorite album pre-2000, but post 2000 it was quite easy.

:Gasp: I love 'You are the Quarry'. Genuinely I thought it was ace, especially for a a supposed comeback album.
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