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The Smiths – The Blacksmith Mix / The Goldsmith Mix
Euro-Mixx SMEP-37 12" Unofficial Release US - 1992
A- The Blacksmith Mix 11:08
B- The Goldsmith Mix 13.24
This is a bootleg LP featuring two megamixes of Smiths songs, one on each side. The LP was later reissued on cd.
Side 1: Blacksmith mix (Girlfriend In A Coma, Cemetry Gates, Frankly Mr. Shankly, Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Boy With The Thorn In His Side, Half A Person, Ask, Girl Afraid)
Side 2: Goldsmith mix (Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty, Panic, I Started Something I Couldn't Finish, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, Bigmouth Strikes Again, What Difference Does It Make?, Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others


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