Sold: Bigmouth Strikes Again - 9 different pressings


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Taking individual offers on all 9 Bigmouth 12"ers thru Thursday 6PM EST. get back to me for more info and photos.

1- Greece - Promo stamped sleeve and Vinyl - Vinyl N/M unplayed / Sleeve has sticker residue top right front and back VG

2- Holland - Vinyl N/M Unplayed Sleeve small tear starting on top sean VG+

3- Portugal - Vinyl N/M Unplayed Sleeve has hype sticker / paper sleeve VG+ sticker on backside.

4- New Zealand - Record is N/M unplayed Sleeve small sticker residue top right corner VG+

5-Australia - Vinyl has a scratch but appears unplayed Sleeve had water damage / faded and in less than good shape

6- UK - EMI / Hype Sticker / Variant #1 / Both Sleeve and Vinyl N/M Unplayed

7- Spain - Promo Stamped Sleeve and label / Vinyl N/M unplayed Sleeve has some spine wear VG

8- UK - W/L Promo VG+ No outer sleeve just plain white inner sleeve

9- Sweden - Both Vinyl and sleeve N/M and unplayed

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