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By JoeSellMozza on Nov 5, 2019 at 6:43 PM
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    New Single for 2020 "Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?"
    SOFTLY, AS I LEAVE YOU. - Morrissey Central
    November 5, 2019

    My deferential thanks to all brave souls, loving souls, patriots and pioneers who filled the arenas and halls of our recent North American/Canadian tour.
    The tour was a great success, and here are my top ten chosen nights:

    1.LOS ANGELES The Hollywood Bowl (Oct 26)
    2.QUEENS, NEW YORK Forest Hills Stadium (Sept 27)
    3.VANCOUVER BC Orpheum / first night (Oct 14)
    4.VANCOUVER BC Orpheum / second night (Oct 15)
    5.CALGARY AB Jubilee Auditorium (Oct 11)
    6.WINNIPEG MB Centennial (Oct 21)
    7.SALT LAKE Utah Saltair (Sept 28)
    8.CAMDEN NJ BB&T Pavillion (Sept 11)
    9.SAN DIEGO CA Pechanga Arena (Oct 6)
    10.KETTERING OH Fraze Pavillion (Sept 11)

    In this trendy climate of 'M-deniers', I am so relieved that everything went so well - not only well, in fact, but triumphantly so … the Hollywood Bowl being the best night of my touring life.
    The journalistic debacle of the LA Times piece relied heavily on the sectors of London Fake Media, who themselves, rely so exclusively on anonymous sources. I am afraid Idiot Culture - with all its worst inclinations - gets the most baying and ax grinding coverage. It is pseudo-news gone insane, and it is its own sadness. Their obsessive perpetuation of spectacularly irresponsible reporting ("we can't find a story, so let's make one up") is a terrible reflection on those willing to report nothing whatsoever as catastrophic news. I rely on your intelligence not to consume shitty reports of what does not exist. You know exactly to whom I refer. These are the days of decision … to quote the great Phil Ochs.

    2020 ? Hopefully less Alarmism from those who say things that have been given them to say. Otherwise, I think BMG will release 'Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?' as a single - my fantastic duet with Thelma Houston. As always, we pray for airplay.

    I support you now - just as I supported you in the days before I even knew you.

    Los Angeles
    4 November 2019.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JoeSellMozza, Nov 5, 2019.

    1. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann

      That's as maybe. They were still C****. I've got a pretty good perspective of it as my best mate was from just outside Belfast and grew up there in the 70's, so I've heard loads of stories. The IRA tried to recruit his 2 punk brothers. I still remember watching this, just a couple of hours after it happened.
    2. reelfountain
      This attack is shocking and I don't want to sound like an apologist of a brutal attack, but again look at the context. This was a funeral of people who only days earlier had actually been shot dead while attending another funeral - by a stranger (the Loyalist Michael Stone) pulling out grenades and a gun and actually killing people during the funeral service in the same graveyard. So imagine the tension only days after that. Every stranger was a potential Loyalist or soldier out to kill more funeral mourners. That's why the people looked so panicked and the IRA reacted so harshly.

      People still do not know why plain clothes British soldiers drove through that funeral at such an unbelievably tense time.
    3. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      A funeral full of the IRA and their arse lickers. I have a deep loathing for the IRA. It will never go.
    4. reelfountain
      I can understand that. When people kill (for whatever reason) it makes people angry.

      But it's something I've always wanted to understand. Especially as so many bombs were going off in London the 90s. And when you really look into it, moral rights and wrongs get blurred because behind the scenes the British army and security services were using methods just as treacherous as the IRA.

      But I do understand your anger.
    5. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      They killed a beloved childrens BBC tv presenter FFS. A murder as bizarre and disgusting as the Jill Dando murder. If you don't know the story, look up norris mcwhirter.
    6. reelfountain
      Yes, but he was extremely anti-Irish and made this very public. Not that he actually deserved to be shot on his doorstep. But the story of the IRA goes back to the 1910s and even way before that with England invading Ireland and treating the population extremely bad for centuries. It's a long, long story, but a very interesting one.

      The first bombs and shots fired of the latest Troubles (late 60s onwards) were in actual fact the Protestant Loyalists. The re-arming of the IRA was a reaction to this.
    7. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      Well...now Sinn Féin are the party of the liberal/gay agenda and the IRA are into human trafficking. So much for Irish Nationalism.
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    8. reelfountain
      That's right, but remember that's what happens to all political parties once they don the suits and start working for the banks. Look at us. Not one of our three parties is anti-immigration - all are globalist.

      Conservatives supposedly run things and yet they want gay sex taught in schools. The Conservatives actually run precicely zero. We're under full occupational control by the EU, UN, Bilderbergs etc. They make the rules, we obey.

      Consequently I couldn't give a crap what party gets in at Xmas.
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    9. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      Have to go with the Tories or Brexit Party....can't vote for the others. Not that i can really stand any of them.
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    10. reelfountain
      Brexit Party for me. The rest are one and the same. Boris is an actor who will do anything he can not to deliver a proper Brexit.
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    11. Anonymouswithapologies

      your brothers from islamic state see no problem
    12. Anonymous
      Who cares how you rank the shows ? Sing your tunes...Count your money and shut up!
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    13. Anonymous
      We were bored....with some lord.....and thought the old fucker could use a whackin.....the IRA came to call...and that was all for old inbred trash mountbatten.......
    14. Anonymous
      Can't wait for scenes like that in Sweden and the many people we will hang and beat to death. Videos like that one are great in that they tell the people who now believe things like that can never happen how quickly things spiral out of control and what type of animals we as humans are.

      I have seen events unfold like that when civilised people in a split second turn into murdering monsters. It is the survival instinct paired with hate grown from a life of struggles and frustration.

      I have so many enemies. There really is no difference between that video and the scenes in Romania when it call collapsed for the dictator. I still believe Romania is a better example with short military style trials and immediate executions out the backdoor.

      The hardest part is to organise it and that normally means you have to kill a lot of innocent people including women and kids who will otherwise disturb the proceedings for men to enjoy.
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    15. Anonymous
      We've already made an agreement with them which is why the hanging from lamp posts will come true sooner than people think.
    16. Anonymous
      Perhaps he spotted you but didn't want to evict you from the venue like he did with David?

      It's work for him and he hates working.
    17. Anonymouswithapologies
      i don't doubt you have a severe plan to make this world more horrendous place

      but what do you DO here??

      this is topic:

      The journalistic debacle

      London Fake Media

      Idiot Culture

      pseudo-news gone insane

      obsessive perpetuation of spectacularly irresponsible reporting

      those willing to report nothing whatsoever as catastrophic news

      shitty reports of what does not exist

      those who say things that have been given them to say

    18. Anonymous
      Blah blah blah blah
    19. Anonymous
      I am here trolling. Trolls are driving on the new revolution.
    20. Sidnettle
      Tragic news for you... Steve died some time ago
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