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By JoeSellMozza on Nov 5, 2019 at 6:43 PM
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    New Single for 2020 "Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?"
    SOFTLY, AS I LEAVE YOU. - Morrissey Central
    November 5, 2019

    My deferential thanks to all brave souls, loving souls, patriots and pioneers who filled the arenas and halls of our recent North American/Canadian tour.
    The tour was a great success, and here are my top ten chosen nights:

    1.LOS ANGELES The Hollywood Bowl (Oct 26)
    2.QUEENS, NEW YORK Forest Hills Stadium (Sept 27)
    3.VANCOUVER BC Orpheum / first night (Oct 14)
    4.VANCOUVER BC Orpheum / second night (Oct 15)
    5.CALGARY AB Jubilee Auditorium (Oct 11)
    6.WINNIPEG MB Centennial (Oct 21)
    7.SALT LAKE Utah Saltair (Sept 28)
    8.CAMDEN NJ BB&T Pavillion (Sept 11)
    9.SAN DIEGO CA Pechanga Arena (Oct 6)
    10.KETTERING OH Fraze Pavillion (Sept 11)

    In this trendy climate of 'M-deniers', I am so relieved that everything went so well - not only well, in fact, but triumphantly so … the Hollywood Bowl being the best night of my touring life.
    The journalistic debacle of the LA Times piece relied heavily on the sectors of London Fake Media, who themselves, rely so exclusively on anonymous sources. I am afraid Idiot Culture - with all its worst inclinations - gets the most baying and ax grinding coverage. It is pseudo-news gone insane, and it is its own sadness. Their obsessive perpetuation of spectacularly irresponsible reporting ("we can't find a story, so let's make one up") is a terrible reflection on those willing to report nothing whatsoever as catastrophic news. I rely on your intelligence not to consume shitty reports of what does not exist. You know exactly to whom I refer. These are the days of decision … to quote the great Phil Ochs.

    2020 ? Hopefully less Alarmism from those who say things that have been given them to say. Otherwise, I think BMG will release 'Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?' as a single - my fantastic duet with Thelma Houston. As always, we pray for airplay.

    I support you now - just as I supported you in the days before I even knew you.

    Los Angeles
    4 November 2019.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JoeSellMozza, Nov 5, 2019.

    1. Nerak
      The globalist shekel? Is that the world Jewish conspiracy beginning to rear its head? At least you have something in common with the Corbynistas.
    2. reelfountain
      No, the Corbynistas are in love with Palestine and the Conservatives with Israel.

      I despise both.
    3. PuppetParrot
      Skinny you know
      1 the 'vast majority' of British people arent against immigration or pluralism in practice.

      2 'most', of the vast majority I am guessing, are put off by alarmist and 'dehumanizing' rhetoric about minorities..

      3 you know why 'the people' voted for Brexit and SURPRISE it happens to be for reasons other than wanting what they voted for

      4 not surprisingly, 'the free market' isnt working

      5 and to top it off, xenophobia and racism arent going
      to improve the free market. it may improve socialism
      or communism but not the free market

      THE SKINNY AGENDA in a nutshell.

      Skinny this username is a scientist that knows what everyone knows doesnt know, does and thinks?
    4. Mayfly
      I hope it will be something up-tempo, cheerful, and a significant vocal part for Thelma because it will be interesting to hear how their voices blend together.

      What is more frustrating though, is that this piece of good news is mentioned as some sort of varia at the bottom of his message.
    5. Nerak
      I know because of polls, focus groups, canvassing, meetings, public reaction via letters/emails/phone calls/surgeries/protests/petitions, attending community events, election results, research, policy wonks, experts, pundits, lobbyists & debates. If something was popular it would be used, esp. now with politics in a state.

      I'm a centre left, democratic socialist.
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    6. Nerak
      You may despise them - but you have a lot in common with them.
    7. PuppetParrot
      They have all that at the dole office, Skinny?
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    8. Nerak
      If it makes you happy to think I'm Skinny, I can hardly stop you.
    9. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      Y'know...you're probably right...which makes for an odd mix. You can't be an English Nationalist if you're supporting an organization that's blowing up English citizens. He's a strange fish. The old boy might be interested in this.

    10. PuppetParrot
      Skinny, you left off Islam and Communism from your self evaluation. A left of center, Islamic Communist democratic Socialist.
    11. Nerak
      I think he's torn between his Irish & English identities, which is great for tormented song writing & terrible for politics... I would SO rather he wasn't interested in that.
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    12. Nerak
      I'm a Catholic. And Communism doesn't work.
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    13. ThePoliticalRevolution
      a hot irish dude from sinn fein tried to seduce me once i said no though cos im an ice cold bitch like that.

      anyway when do i get to fondle M's bon bons?
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    14. GodEmperorMorrissey
      Tour was a success, Morrissey is happy, gammas are gonna spiral
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    15. Anonymous
      Morrissey only drinks at IRA pubs in Ireland.

      U2 only toured in the states to help IRA smuggle in guns and bombs.
    16. Anonymous
      I'm a conservative socialist liberal neo nazi myself.

      What's the problem?
    17. PuppetParrot
      Skinny I wouldnt be surprised if your brought in a Pope Francis fake pseudonym that loves Islam.
      Skinny this is the best fake alias yet. Compassionate terrorism. LOL
    18. Try Anything Twice
      Try Anything Twice
      I don’t like that he did a ranking of favorite shows. Maybe mention a special night but to list 10? That’s a lot of favorites. I had a great time at the Rochester Hills show but this makes me feel like it was an “also ran” for him.
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    19. reelfountain
      I think you can be both an Irish and English nationalist as I would probably describe myself as both. The IRA did blow up a few English citizens but always insisted their bombing campaign was an economic one, where warnings were phoned in to clear the area then a bomb went off which would cause business money to be lost. However they saw soldiers as military targets and did intentionally kill them in England.

      English people were given the impression through the media etc that the IRA were lunatics who planted bombs and didn't care how many people died. But all along the British government was fighting a proxy war with the IRA through it's active intelligence service, its soldiers, its SAS and also through the Protestant Loyalists who they gave training to, provided with weaponry and bombs and information regarding Catholic targets to kill. Britain was basically fighting a war using proxies, but denying it at the same time.

      Corbyn gets a lot of stick because, like Livingstone, he wanted to bring Sinn Fein "in from the cold" to discuss peace with the British government which the British were publicly refusing to do. John Major said it would "make him sick to his stomach" to have talks with the IRA - but that is exactly what they were doing all along from the very beginning - but always publicly denying it. These are all facts now. They slag Corbyn off for talking to them but the government were doing that regularly themselves, Thatcher, Major, the lot.

      Remember also the British Army openly shot 28 unarmed protesters during a peaceful march in 1972 - and there was also the Ballymurphy Massacre where they killed 12 including a priest who was tending to a shot victim on the street. This caused more people to join the IRA than anything else in the conflict. Many people had personal reasons for joining up such as seeing their mum or dad beaten up by aggressive raiding soldiers or a friend being shot dead for nothing - both of which happened pretty often.

      No-warning bombs were set off in Dublin and Monaghan in the rush hour by the British secret services that killed 34 and injured 300 people. This was actually to stop a peace agreement being signed - as there were elements in the secret service and army etc who actually wanted the troubles to continue.

      The whole story is very complicated - but the idea that the IRA were simply lunatics who wanted to bomb English citizens is what the government and the media at the time wanted the public to believe. Both sides committed evil acts. But to be honest the most evil of the whole Troubles was probably the serial killing (and torture) involving the 'Shankill Butchers' who were Belfast Protestants (it's leader was called Murphy and he was actually half-Catholic which many say fuelled his (self) hate of Catholics).
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    20. dotmatrix522
      I agree. The only show I attended, Grand Prairie, isn’t on the Top 10 list either. I had a wonderful time at my show and am a little disappointed he didn’t feel the same.
      He’s been ranking his shows for a long time so I guess I should be used to it by now...
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