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By JoeSellMozza on Nov 5, 2019 at 6:43 PM
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    New Single for 2020 "Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?"
    SOFTLY, AS I LEAVE YOU. - Morrissey Central
    November 5, 2019

    My deferential thanks to all brave souls, loving souls, patriots and pioneers who filled the arenas and halls of our recent North American/Canadian tour.
    The tour was a great success, and here are my top ten chosen nights:

    1.LOS ANGELES The Hollywood Bowl (Oct 26)
    2.QUEENS, NEW YORK Forest Hills Stadium (Sept 27)
    3.VANCOUVER BC Orpheum / first night (Oct 14)
    4.VANCOUVER BC Orpheum / second night (Oct 15)
    5.CALGARY AB Jubilee Auditorium (Oct 11)
    6.WINNIPEG MB Centennial (Oct 21)
    7.SALT LAKE Utah Saltair (Sept 28)
    8.CAMDEN NJ BB&T Pavillion (Sept 11)
    9.SAN DIEGO CA Pechanga Arena (Oct 6)
    10.KETTERING OH Fraze Pavillion (Sept 11)

    In this trendy climate of 'M-deniers', I am so relieved that everything went so well - not only well, in fact, but triumphantly so … the Hollywood Bowl being the best night of my touring life.
    The journalistic debacle of the LA Times piece relied heavily on the sectors of London Fake Media, who themselves, rely so exclusively on anonymous sources. I am afraid Idiot Culture - with all its worst inclinations - gets the most baying and ax grinding coverage. It is pseudo-news gone insane, and it is its own sadness. Their obsessive perpetuation of spectacularly irresponsible reporting ("we can't find a story, so let's make one up") is a terrible reflection on those willing to report nothing whatsoever as catastrophic news. I rely on your intelligence not to consume shitty reports of what does not exist. You know exactly to whom I refer. These are the days of decision … to quote the great Phil Ochs.

    2020 ? Hopefully less Alarmism from those who say things that have been given them to say. Otherwise, I think BMG will release 'Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?' as a single - my fantastic duet with Thelma Houston. As always, we pray for airplay.

    I support you now - just as I supported you in the days before I even knew you.

    Los Angeles
    4 November 2019.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JoeSellMozza, Nov 5, 2019.

    1. PuppetParrot
      its Skinny playing good cop fake alias. There are times it cannot contain itself and the Skinny jumps right out.
    2. Anonymous
      Have you considered shortening your current pseudonym to Pratt. It seems apt.
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    3. Nerak
      I'm not Skinny. I like Morrissey, confused mess that he is.

      We're not coddling terrorists, we're distinguishing them from non-terrorists.
      Politics does require diplomacy & decency or the world goes up in flames.

      I wouldn't deny there are issues on the left. Old links with gruesome regimes like Iran. Blowhards like George Galloway who manipulate sectarian tensions in minority communities to galvanise votes. Dimwitted activists who denounce any criticism of ultra-conservative Islam as Islamophobia because they'd have to do thinking & that's hard.

      But otherwise, we're pretty sensible about it.
    4. PuppetParrot

      OK Skinny lets do the test. Curse Islam and the Prophet. Curse in no uncertain terms.
      (this is like putting a crucifix if front of a vampire)

      Yes you are coddling terrorists. Like the people who didnt want Osama killed because it would upset the 'good Muslims'. How can killing a terrorist upset a Good anything.
    5. Nerak
      I wouldn't do anything horrible like that, I'm not the type. But I would defend someone's right to be offensive or sceptical about a religious faith without being hounded or killed.
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    6. Anonymous
      Like none of the last four albums and certainly nothing like his last tours:

      UK cancelled due to desperate ticket sales
      US no show sold out.

      So that's two lies Mr Trump.
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    7. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      "I support you now - just as I supported you in the days before I even knew you."
      Ya always been a friend of the Feather Moz.
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    8. gashonthenail
      'obsessive perpetuation'

      sounds like a few posters on this website...
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    9. reelfountain
      Recite this rant to the next Muslim you see. I dare you.
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    10. reelfountain
      The people you are referring to are a minority of people. The vast majority of the UK public want immigration either reduced or halted completely - and the government has known this since 1948 which is why the public has never been allowed a vote on this subject. The result would be a resounding NO to mass immigration. Therefore most people are in full agreement with Morrissey's so-called 'controversial' views.

      Either you mistake the one-sided view of the media as that of the public, or you surround yourself with people who provide an echo chamber for your views, because I can guarantee you most Brits preferred Britain as it was before the Cheaper People Replacement Programme. They want their country back, free of globalist control. This is why people voted for Brexit. Not to get 'out of Europe' as the media erroneously puts it, but to get out of the undemocratic globalist EU. The EU and the UN hold the public in contempt and (despite the bullshit humanitarian rhetoric) help only the 1%. Abolish them both now, along with all the other global power groups run by syndicates of anonymous billionaires.

      Moz looks fine. For a man of sixty he looks highly distinguished. Look around you at most British sixty-year-olds - most look unhealthy and knackered (probably from hard work and not enough pay). After his highly successful tour of Canada and the US he sounds invigorated, in good humour and happier than ever.
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    11. Anonymous
      Exactly. "There's a naked man standing, laughing in your dreams. You know who it is. And you don't like what it means." A.Y.N.I.M.
    12. Anonymous
      She does, you know.
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    13. PuppetParrot
      There you go folks: another Skinny.
    14. PuppetParrot
      Skinny, why not curse Islam its just a religion. None of it is true. Its not like Allah is going to give you the measles. You are not Muslim are you? So why not? Or DO YOU follow Islam?
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    15. reelfountain
      Morrissey indicated that he supported the Republican cause, but you misread his Sinn Fein comparison with the Guardian. Real republicans no longer support Sinn Fein - in fact they ridicule them for being corporate sellouts. The late Martin McGuinness is widely believed to have been a British agent (along with many others who have been caught out) and his shaking the hand of the Queen consolidated this opinion. Sinn Fein also support the globalist mass immigration replacement programme currently being steamrolled across Ireland so they are generally seen as traitors who are taking the globalist $hekel.
    16. E Scott
      E Scott
      He charts his favourite shows then he starts his whingy moaning and groaning like an arse hole that's really just a leaky faucet pebble dashing diarrhoea on to his fan base. So remarkably predictable.
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    17. PuppetParrot
      Skinny dont get angry, there was never going to be a Johnny Marr payday.
    18. Nerak
      I doubt he'd be flattered by that comparison.
    19. Anonymous
      Whose Bobby ? The new companion of the season ?
    20. Nerak
      Unlimited immigration isn't popular & there are tensions in some areas with sudden demographic changes. But the vast majority of British people aren't against immigration in general or pluralism in practice. And most of them are put off by alarmist & dehumanizing rhetoric about minorities.

      The people voted for Brexit on false promises & because of depressed local economies. The free market isn't working but racism & xenophobia isn't going to improve it.

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