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By JoeSellMozza on Nov 5, 2019 at 6:43 PM
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    New Single for 2020 "Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?"
    SOFTLY, AS I LEAVE YOU. - Morrissey Central
    November 5, 2019

    My deferential thanks to all brave souls, loving souls, patriots and pioneers who filled the arenas and halls of our recent North American/Canadian tour.
    The tour was a great success, and here are my top ten chosen nights:

    1.LOS ANGELES The Hollywood Bowl (Oct 26)
    2.QUEENS, NEW YORK Forest Hills Stadium (Sept 27)
    3.VANCOUVER BC Orpheum / first night (Oct 14)
    4.VANCOUVER BC Orpheum / second night (Oct 15)
    5.CALGARY AB Jubilee Auditorium (Oct 11)
    6.WINNIPEG MB Centennial (Oct 21)
    7.SALT LAKE Utah Saltair (Sept 28)
    8.CAMDEN NJ BB&T Pavillion (Sept 11)
    9.SAN DIEGO CA Pechanga Arena (Oct 6)
    10.KETTERING OH Fraze Pavillion (Sept 11)

    In this trendy climate of 'M-deniers', I am so relieved that everything went so well - not only well, in fact, but triumphantly so … the Hollywood Bowl being the best night of my touring life.
    The journalistic debacle of the LA Times piece relied heavily on the sectors of London Fake Media, who themselves, rely so exclusively on anonymous sources. I am afraid Idiot Culture - with all its worst inclinations - gets the most baying and ax grinding coverage. It is pseudo-news gone insane, and it is its own sadness. Their obsessive perpetuation of spectacularly irresponsible reporting ("we can't find a story, so let's make one up") is a terrible reflection on those willing to report nothing whatsoever as catastrophic news. I rely on your intelligence not to consume shitty reports of what does not exist. You know exactly to whom I refer. These are the days of decision … to quote the great Phil Ochs.

    2020 ? Hopefully less Alarmism from those who say things that have been given them to say. Otherwise, I think BMG will release 'Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?' as a single - my fantastic duet with Thelma Houston. As always, we pray for airplay.

    I support you now - just as I supported you in the days before I even knew you.

    Los Angeles
    4 November 2019.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JoeSellMozza, Nov 5, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      He is a star, isn't he?
      Fuckwit, you horrible fuckwit.
    2. Anonymous
      Top ten, eh? Morrissey was so moved by these shows that he couldn't recall when 2 of them took place: Queens, New York and Camden, New Jersey. That's Morrissey for you - always with the empty gesture. He'll most probably blame the Guardian*.

      To quote the great Phil Ochs ... “You can do what's right, or you can do what you are told.” Seems Morrissey wants us to rely on him as a bastion of right and wrong. "I rely on your intelligence not to consume shitty reports of what does not exist." Typical. If we don't agree with Morrissey we are somehow unthinking drones.

      There was a real opportunity to inform fans that there is a potential new single but he couldn't even do that without attempting to put the boot into BMG. The man is so insecure that he attacks even when there is no known enemy. A previous comment wondered about the difference between Morrissey's presumed depression and nasty behaviour. His action re: BMG is just nasty. He lashes out because he has been allowed to and it has now become acceptable behaviour. Depressives can lash out - as can anyone - but rarely with such consistency.

      I read news of another Smiths reunion. The Smiths is dead. Let the band lie in peace. It's reputation should not be further sullied by that of Morrissey's.

      *Insert imaginary Morrissey-foe of choice.
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    3. Anonymous
      " ... the countries he loves - England and Ireland."

      Countries he avoids living in so that he can avoid paying taxes. One, England, were he actively avoids tax. If he loves Ireland so much where is his voice about Irish re-unification? His silence is deafening.

      Morrissey opens his mouth and words come out but they are not always coherent, valid or in any way politically astute. Much like Reelfountain; a dreary, meat-pie eating troll who cherry-picks the latest right-wing nonsense and claims it as 'her' very own. Reelfountain isn't real. 'She' has no interest in Morrissey or The Smiths. 'Her' life is lived unhappily in this forum; a victim of 'her' own stupidity and inability to even mask 'her' anonymous responses to 'her' own posts. If there's nothing going on - create it! Much like 'her' many, many comments. 'She' really has taken Trump's teachings to heart.

      Morrissey loves Morrissey. That's always been the case. It was all rather interesting when he was an arrogant twenty something however his arrogance transformed into rancour quite some ago and consumed him. The Morrissey I thought I knew is dead. Death becomes him.
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    4. snoddywilko
      I think California Son is excellent; full of great songs covered in new & interesting ways.

      I also can’t wait to hear the next solo album; even at this stage in his career, Morrissey is infinitely more interesting than the vast majority of songwriters out there.
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    5. snoddywilko
      blah blah blah, you petty nobody.

      All you’re clutching at is the fact that a couple of dates were typed wrongly, you sad buffoon.
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    6. snoddywilko
      Shut up, you drone.

      YOU love Morrissey, in your twisted denial version of love.

      You’re too blinkered to realise that your descriptions of Reel...... & Moz are actually you talking about yourself, as you continue to do daily, you nonsense-spouting hypocritical bore.
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    7. Anonymous
      Well said, but nonsense-spouting crashing bore, surely?
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    8. snoddywilko
      ha ha, yes!

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    9. Anonymous
      The trolls will hate this. Good!
    10. Anonymous
      Morrissey is history. His drones will claim otherwise - most of whom never got up off their sofa to see him in the last tour. Just like Morrissey they are cheapskates. And so they drone ....
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    11. Anonymous
      Do you have any of these articles from the Daily mail and the comments section or are you talking trash for the sake of winning a pissing competition? Eh Skinny? This.
    12. Anonymous
      He works very hard at craftily manufacturing his stardom. All it takes is a brass neck.
    13. Nerak
      He has spoken out about Ireland - he's outright supported the IRA for decades. It just never makes headlines, although he did accuse The Guardian of being like Sinn Fein recently, so his head may be in a different place.

      He's become a mess in old age, probably because he got scared of Islamic terrorism targeting venues & gay clubs & Charlie Hebdo, doesn't understand how internet propaganda works (I took ages to grasp how it worked & I needed to understand it for my job) & doesn't realise that aggression towards Islam in general would increase terrorism... I'm more angry at Anne Marie Waters - who must know what she's doing, rather than some confused singer with no social skills.
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    14. beewee
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    15. Anonymous
      This sense that you speak - I hope it's catching.
    16. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      Outright supported the IRA....I wouldn't go that far. He said some nasty things about the Brighton Bombing and there's the pro-Irish song "This is not your country"....other than that, I'm struggling to recall much. Being aggressive against Islam would increase terrorism? What do you suggest? Laying down and rolling over and waving the white flag?
    17. Mozmar
      How is he different from any other pop star/star, in this respect?
      He's world famous, an icon to many, he has global following, he's a legend....he didn't achieve that out of sheer luck & chance.
      For the majority of 'stars' their 'image' & style is crafted, managed, steered by agents, managers, promoters, all riding on the artists backs for their share of the profits, doesn't matter if it's kajagoogoo, girls aloud, or kylie Minogue, it's the way it is.
      I just think Moz is different as he has crafted his own style & it is what it is. I've heard him say he's not a 'performer', "I don't perform", whereas the other bands/artists do perform.
      Surely that's how the music business works generally, not just in Moz's case?
      They all have brass-necks in order to get up there & do what they do I reckon.
    18. Nerak
      No - he has made more statements than that. The last one was about Bobby Sands. I would say his Irish Republicanism is what gives him his attraction to violent self-determination (or Nationalism as it would play out in England).

      Of course being aggressive towards the whole of Islam would increase terrorism - it would make people alienated & afraid for their futures. It would make them less inclined to tell if they thought others were planning violence. It would increase the chances that they would listen to ultra-conservatives.

      What works is a mix of policing actual violence & hate speech - plus good community relations.
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    19. PuppetParrot
      The new album will be a world wide smash accompanied by another sold out tour.
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    20. PuppetParrot
      So,Skinny your way is the 'lefty bend over for them', the more they kill us the more
      we bend over.
      Skinny, why are you coddling terrorist Islam?

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