Morrissey Central "SO YOU FINALLY GOT WHAT YOU WANTED" (December 14, 2022)


Nina Leen (photographer) image 'undoctored':


Birds added to image… flown. You’ve finally got what you wanted….Jesse has departed.

Oh how I hope that's the case. Doubtful but it would be a day to hang out the flag and celebrate for sure.
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Nina Leen (photographer) image 'undoctored':

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I hadn't a Scooby i emailed a friend and they said " viva hate
mixed with his lyric 'finally got what you wanted "
Probably means M isn't getting anything he is requesting and feels finished
Rather than be a man he is blaming those who wished him gone, the haters "
I kind of think the guys maybe right but I don't know . I'm lost on this one
The model's marked unknown wherever the photo appears. Photographer Nina Leen was born in Russia, educated in America, very prolific, and known to be a lover of animals, especially of bats on which she wrote one of her books. She gets a mention in this gallery in Florida, very recently, it seems, where the image Central uses is shown, but I don't know why.

Maybe it's a modern koan, if the community here regularly receive such? Or are the Central folk just
"acting childish, foolish, ghoulish and childish"?
There is probably no deeper meaning than scraping IG's #morrissey - which has happened often. Similarly, the fan-tagged stuff aimed with "notice me Sam" type tags drives content too.
I'm not convinced any of this stuff is any different to 10 video's worth of cover versions of the same song et al. So, probably no coded message if just repeated (uncredited) social posts sourced from fans.
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