so who are the slimy bastards that got presale tickets

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I got Webster Hall tickets. I wasn't taking my chances with the Bowery. Plus I work Saturday nights.


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I got two for Webster Hall. Didn't even try for the Bowery because I know how small it is. I almost didn't get them because they gave me some weird ass word to type in for security and it was the first one I've even seen that had symbols in it. Was planning on going back to sleep, but my stomach is still in knots.


I got nothing, cause I went for the Bowery.
Who are the slimy bastards? - check ebay and stubhub ...


on 10:00:00 I tried for Bowery, the so called search time was for maybe 5 seconds and then it gave me the "No tickets found" many tickets they release for sale? 6?
At least then I got 2 for Webster Hall, we'll need to look for scalpers now, this tour will be damn expensive!


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I don't think the Bowery even went on sale. I didn't get Webster either.:tears: Just waiting for tomorrow now for another chance or ebay.
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