Smiths reunited (yes, I know, been done before)



Ok, it's been said a zillion times. But... certainly judging from some of the comments on this site regarding Mozza, not filling venues, his book etc. Johnny not as big (solo) as he perhaps should be, isn't it inevitable that The Smiths will reform, at least for a few gigs- greater than the sum of the parts? (Btw, I saw the Smyths last week in Southsea, and was one of the best gigs I've been to- better than Mozza in Hammersmith on the Sunday- having paid a premium price to see Mozza, thats saying something)!
Not inevitable at all. Johnny survived the experience of mentally unstable, jealous, paranoid Morrissey once - why on earth would he voluntarily choose to get back into that situation?
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