Smiths ref in the new Jim Bob song "Jo's Got Papercuts"

At around 0:35
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I get that but its something everyone is aware of and I don't think the murder of 70 kids is the best way of positioning his argument
No, it's not diplomatic - but my point was that the reaction he gets isn't usually for the thing he was trying to say, it's because of the way he said it & then once it's reported it escalates all the way to accusations of genocide. Which was very unusual before Twitter.

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excuse me, i dont mean :rolleyes:to upset the trolls, like the username surface or 'Foots' 'Amy', the LePew troll, but "Carter USM" for sure sucks. with a name right off McHales Navy.:blushing:
Katastrofa, total musical disaster:mad:
never sold out brixton or anywhere else for that matter seeing that they absolutely sucko_O
note the videos and photos never show the back of the 3/4 empty venues, something LePew later adopted:(
the singer sings like Paul Lynde: 'tatata tatata tatata' very annoying:blushing:

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