Smiths/Moz boot needs (but have many to share in return!)

Hi, all!

I've been spending much of the summer going through my Smiths/Moz live archive, sorting, labeling, cross-checking, etc., and now have a particular 'need' list. (At one time, I used to be more active on Solo, but life has not let me be so for a while!)

Before I start asking for links, I want to know what the current protocol is for this kind of thing -- I'm speaking mainly to the mods but am glad to get others' opinions. For instance, what is the best file sharing spot to use? How many shows is it OK to ask for? What would be a fair/helpful way, without uploading everything I have, to fill other collector's needs in return? And so on. I've looked for this info, but can't find anything determinate. (BTW, I've DL'd what I've needed from the Google sites, etc. I didn't see a similar site for Morrissey shows as there is for The Smiths.)

I'll just start off with my first 10, in chronological order:

27 April 1991 – Dublin Stadium, DUBLIN, IRELAND

2 June 1991 – Great Western Forum, LOS ANGELES, CA

11 June 1991 – Compton Terrace, PHOENIX, AZ

13 June 1991 – Park West, SALT LAKE CITY, UT

25 July 1991 – The Dome, DONCASTER, ENGLAND

1 September 1991 – Century Hall, NAGOYA, JAPAN

1 October 1991 – Victoria Hall, HANLEY, ENGLAND

3 October 1991 – National Hall, KILBURN, SCOTLAND

8 August 1992 – Madstock, Finsbury Park, LONDON, ENGLAND

1 October 1992 – Colorado University Fieldhouse, BOULDER, CO

Thanks in advance for your help! :)
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