Smiths/Morrissey Winter/Xmas songs?

i bought Vauxhal and I on cassette tape right before xmas of 95 and we listened to it in the car while we drove around to various malls for xmas shopping, so its always had a holiday feeling for me-especially Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself and Used To Be A Sweet Boy
"winter push on..."

Late Night Maulin Street.

to me, Life Is A Pigsty and Seasick, Yet Still Docked are winter songs because i´ve basically lived in those songs one year ago.. (yeah, i wasn´t really having the time of my life..)
Rusholme Ruffians....I dunno the janlgyness reminds me of christmas bells on reindeers
Re: Christmas songs / Lines

There is a fairy light that never goes out

Santa in a coma

Everyday is like boxing-day

*EDIT-this threads been replies don't make any sense now...dooh! about....Santa in a tutu!
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last night I dreamt that santa loved me
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