Smiths Live LPs and CDs for sale including Thank Your Lucky Stars

Trimming the collection a bit. Prices are in USD and do not include shipping, which will be charged at the actual rate and at the buyer's expense. Will ship worldwide.

All items in at least EX condition except for the German CD singles.


Electric Ballroom - purple cover, says "colored vinyl" but vinyl is black $50
So This Is America 2 x LP - includes tracklist insert $35
Spanish Sun - $20
Nice Bit of Meat - $50
You're Full of Smith - 3" seam split on top of cover (not major, but it's there) - $40
Rest in Peace 7" EP - $45
Goodbye to Elvis EP - black vinyl $45


Thank Your Lucky Stars - $125
James Dean Is Dead - $30
Sheila Take A Bow - (German CD single - marks, but plays fine) $10
Stop Me - (German CDs single - marks, but plays fine) $10


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Ok let's make a deal on Electric ballroom and Thank your lucky stars. USD 140 for both, deal?
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