Smiths Live History



so i used to have a lot of smiths bootlegs, and then i converted them all to mp3 back in 2007 i believe
they have since sat on my computer doing nothing
so i have decided that i should post them here for everyone, i'm not sure what is and isn't readily circulated

but i believe this is about 85% of what is out show (maybe LA palladium 1985) has the last track or 2 missing because of a faulty cd - if u can complete that show let me know
also if you have any shows that are missing let me know and ill add it to the archive

other than that, take them share them enjoy them
now GO! -!pIZgBAZT!CjA3briy9DX2nuy_GiSgtA

(before any audiophile complains, these were ripped 10 years ago and are likely at 128k)
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