Smiths Is Dead (Toronto monthly) celebrating 2 Year Anniversary (Aug. 5, 2015)

AUGUST TIME. our two year anniversary!

We're celebrating that although we live in a country S.P.M refuses to tour, we found a bar cool enough to let us do such a ridiculous niche night once a month for two years strong.

As always, All and Only the Smiths and Morrissey. No post-punk, brit pop, indie alternative / whatever gets put on a flyer to get people in the door. Just The Smiths. and Morrissey tunes. All night long. Bring your moping shoes.

To celebrate, this month we'll be doing Morrissey related giveaways from Sad Truth Supply, SMITHFITS and some personal collection stuff.

Plus, a week prior to the event, a very special "audio thing" that will surely make your transit to and from whatever it is you do to make ends meet, more enjoyable.

come say hi!

hosted by Michael K Newton and Scott Wade.

never cover. 10pm we'll be playing a bootleg for a bit then straight into the cemetry greats, fan favourites and deep requests.

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here's the 'special audio thing' i've been putting together.
15 minute supercut of banter.
if you're in the Toronto area, come say hello. xo

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