Smiths instrumental recording from soundcheck at Dundalk Fairways Hotel (Feb. 11, 1986)

Has a very "Peel sessions" feel to it. Let's not forget the limits in technology back looping machines, very basic pedals. Sounds great...
Wish M would get together with some tribute band and call it a Smiths reunion ! :lbf: I'd go.

Well I never !
More proof that Martin and the Lawnmowers can't perform Smiths songs.
Thanks hun !

Thanks, I thought it was new. I missed it when it was posted originally 9 years ago.


ha,now wait a minute,I never said that ! Though would be a gas if he turned up to one of those 'Smiths
nights things' and stood in front of the tribute band, just staring ! Or maybe being really into it, going ape !
Would freak the band out. :lbf:

Everybody's laughing !
You are the biggest prick/flat prick on the good ship solo but we tolerate you. I 4ckd you good and proper on that last post.

Just watching U2 handover their stage to the Eagles of death metal in Paris. Not a big fan but a nice touch unlike our friend Steve trying manipulate the re-release of #Parisforprofit !

Yours in debunking

More proof that Morrissey was the most important element of The Smiths. Johnny's clunky repetive chords progressions ripped off from T Rex are not much to write home about as standalone tracks. Yet the isolated tracks of Morrissey's vocals that are out there (eg "Stop Me...") are spellbinding.

I love the faint nervous British girl chatter in the background, sorta makes the whole thing a real song.
I reckon that's Nancy in the background talking. I think in 1986 "Boots" was re released in the Commonwealth and she was on Top of the Pops and did a Peel Session. This is when Nancy started hanging around a lot. I think she plays a pivotal part in breaking up the Smiths. Word is that fat Andy used to eat all the Cannolis she made for Morrissey and that really pissed Morrissey off. Anonymous-

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