Smiths Indeed fanzine set - brand new unopened (LTD Ed. of 100 sets- sold out)


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For The Collector - Limited Edition of 100 sets of issues 1-11. I'd like to sell my copies of the Smiths Indeed fanzine. I have a full pristine set of the reprint. There were 100 sets of the 12-issue run. They are a true pleasure. Excellent read that captures the time and essence of The Smiths and being a Smiths fan in the 80's. I haven't seen a set for sale in a long time, so I'm posting here before listing on eBay. $250 OBO for the mint set. An single issues of Smiths Indeed are around $35 US dollars on eBay. Pic is of my personal set, the set I am selling is still in original unopened bag. $250 OBO


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