Smiths concert tracks BBC6 Music 9pm 28/12/10


Haha, Gideon mentioned that someone requested Longriders, but no Smiths.

Good old Gideon said that it's not possible, Smiths live would be on air shortly. :)

george barker

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3 concert tracks were played last night from 1986. Gideon Coe didn't specify from where, only said 1986, their website does not list the tracks. So assuming the following....
The Queen Is Dead -Kilburn I Presume.
London -Kilburn I Presume.
William It Was Really Nothing -Presume this is 1985 Apollo Oxford, sounds the same (I think) as when 6 broadcast it Oct 2009.

Listen again, Starts approx 2hr 19mins in.
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