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I'm not sure why I've waited this long to hip all you Smiths/Morrissey fans to Our Frank's serious obsession with amassing the largest database of Smiths/Moz tributes and covers, but better late than never, yes? I've been stealing helping myself to his files for years now on my preferred P2P, and I don't see why I should hold back on alerting you to the vastness of his collection.

here is the great site-



Thanks for advertising my site in some places recently, whoever you are.

Concerning the layout: my first attempt to do a website just with CSS, without HTML-Tables. I know it only looks perfect on IE, Safari is still ok, Netscape 4 should suck on this.

Well, surely I'm a fascinating character ... or were you talking 'bout Mozzer?



PS: don't forget to give me feedback on items that are missing in my lists, 8000 hits and just 2 form-emails is not a good ratio in that respect

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