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I seeded the torrent for quite a while - interest dwindled, but it wasn't without encouraging people to d/l the entire thing at the time.
I believe the questioner is requesting the torrent due to a Google drive bug where downloading an entire folder (containing subfolders) won't d/l everything - so each individual item needs to be downloaded.
Can't see how to work round that.
Thank you so much for this Archive. I am so sad to see smithstorrents gone. If any could be so kind to seed this, that would be great! I am stuck at 99.9%.
I will help seed this for anyone who would like to download. Also, I did grab some of the Morrissey audio from smithstorrents, so if anyone is interested in what I have, let me know.
If any could be so kind to seed this, that would be great! I am stuck at 99.9%.

Sorry to have pulled the plug on Smithstorrents. At some point something better will take its place.

It's annoying that the torrent stops at 99.9%. Whoever seeded it somehow broke one file which meant I think everyone will always be stuck at 99.9%. If you had some knowledge of torrents and some time you might be able to identify the offending file and correct it somehow, allowing everyone to reach 100%.
Hello! I’d like to share my large Smiths collection with you.

In the 1990s I found a bootleg of The Smiths at a local record fair. I was amazed that there were live recordings of my favourite band. It was before the internet so until that day all I knew of were the albums in the record stores along with a few singles. From that point, it turned into something of a mission to go to the record fairs and collect rarities and live recordings.

In 2006, I established that I could start sharing these recordings with other people on the internet using torrents, so I set up smithstorrents and offered up what I had. There were already low-quality MP3s on the internet but I wanted to try and collect the best possible versions at the highest possible quality. Gradually people started sharing what they had and the site built up some momentum. A turning point was when Steve Catterall at Soundsville International started sharing what he had recorded when he unofficially toured with the Smiths.

Over the years the collection grew. More rarities were uncovered and often live recordings were direct from the master tape. Sometimes fans would remaster to improve sound quality or to stitch together tapes to create full recordings. Old VHS tapes were dusted off; I collected ticket stubs from eBay; I shamelessly plagiarised clippings and photos from other sites and I saved and sorted any time anything Smiths-related showed up on the internet, TV or radio. Some of that got put on smithstorrents, some of it did not.

There are some things that eluded me. I’d like to archive Grant Showbiz’s sounddesk recordings, but despite a friendly pub conversation, those remain in his attic. I’d like to have a good copy of the Decibelle and Drone demos. I have no idea why I still can’t find a good Jensen version of Wonderful Woman, but I shouldn’t focus on what’s missing but on what great recordings we have.

Here’s a 365 GB torrent of the archive. It’s not my torrent and I’m not seeding it, so I’m afraid I can’t help if it doesn’t have seeds, but it seems well-seeded at time of writing. Your torrent software will let you choose which parts of the archive you'd like to download. Alternatively, the archive is available via Google Drive, PM me your email address and I’ll add you.

Some of you might find the FLAC files to be an inconvenience. Likewise, DVD VOB files. In both cases, the goal was to preserve them in the best available quality. There are tools that will help you convert to something that suits your needs better, should you need it.

Smithstorrents has probably passed its sell-by date. It uses an unsupported tracker plugin for an unsupported forum system. I hope that by sharing the archive here then it will live on even if the site eventually dies. I’m sorry but I really only collected The Smiths. I don’t have the Morrissey section of the site.

There are a few things here that are available commercially. I’ve left them for completeness but please consider supporting content creators where possible. If the consensus is that they shouldn’t be available then I’ll delete them from the archive.

Thanks to everyone who contributed in one way or another over the years. Too many to name, but if you’ve shared your recordings, collated, remastered or documented then I appreciate your efforts. Thank you.
Hello David, it’s Dylan. I’ve trying to find some bootleg versions for the Smiths. If possible would you be able to share this link to my email address below please?

[email protected]
Yes, i have used torrents for a while both U and bit and its ain't working for me either.
The link in the post you quote works fine (on PC and android at least).
The torrent ceased ages ago.
Some of us seeded it and it went on for a while, but most seemed fine taking what they wanted from the drive collection as the entire thing (the initial version) was huge.
Im using a mac, that must be the issue . I can use a pc later. Thank you PC,.
The real issue is i may have to delete some items to make storage space or buy a brand new harddrive just for Smiths
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