Smiths #4 on Wall Street Journal list of 5 bands that should reunite

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5 Bands That Should Reunite - The Wall Street Journal

Compared to past blockbusters such as the Eagles, the Police and Van Halen, today’s reunions are typically smaller affairs, involving lesser-known rock acts from the 1990s. A few massive reunion contenders remain, however. Here, five reunions we would like to see.

4 The Smiths

The Smiths are the least likely reunion on this list, given singer Morrissey’s lack of interest in revisiting the past and a rupture between Morrissey and drummer Mike Joyce. Tidy sums have been offered to the band, which broke up in 1987. The influential U.K. group’s devoted fan base is among the most fervent. If Axl Rose can finally find a way to get along with Slash, shouldn’t Morrissey at least try, too? Unlike N.W.A., the Smiths aren’t entering the Rock Hall this year, but they will eventually—and that will raise questions
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Give it a rest, won't you?

I, personally, would only ever hope to see this as long as no new material were attempted.
i have to be honest, i wouldn't mind at least a morrissey and marr reunion. It would be great or a mess. Either way, it would be far more interesting than moz tty statements


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The one thing all these bands have in common is that they will never reunite again.


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Crikey, I reckon what all those bands have in common (including G&R) is that they need the money. Morrissey sure doesn't need the money and John Maher is happy with what he is earning now living in Portland, OR with his family. Fat Andy just needs his daily six Big Macs and Methhead Mike just needs his daily fix and sitting in at local bars to get by.


The Smith's are dead.I want alain,gary,and spencer back with moz.He has lost a bit since jesse came in.That is a more realistic reunion anyway.

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