slow news week...(moz/smiths mention)


no hope no harm
in new york magazine dated may 18th, there is a little mention about moz being right..."
“Sixteen, clumsy, and shy, that’s the story of my life.” So sang Morrissey, patron saint of high-school outcasts, and if a recent study from the Institute of Social and Economic Research is correct, the Smiths’ singer may have been exactly right."
"Instead of identifying with your now-well-paid oppressors, keep in mind that, back when you were a Morrissey-listening loner in the tenth grade, your goal wasn’t to out-earn the cool kids."

also, i was watching a repeat of reno 911 this morning and i noticed in the background of the locker room there are 2 pictures of the sailor from the current tour backdrop in 2 different poses. one pose is him with one arm "flexing" and the other picture is the same one that moz is using for the backdrop on this current tour! just another reno911/moz reference!

btw. pick up dickie feltons book, "The Day I Met Morrissey", its an awesome book, there is a story about the Lt. Dangle (Thomas Lennon)from reno 911 meeting moz. and also a pic of me hugging moz on the back cover(not that, thats a selling point;) )
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