Sleeping With Ghosts

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  1. So, I bought the album yesterday, and I actually love it. I have been listening to it in mp3 format for a few months, but it keeps growing on me. The people I have talked to that really love Placebo, have either said that they think it's one of their fave albums now, or they really dislike it. Anyone here have any opinions? I like it better overall than BMM, but I can't say I like it more than WYIN. It's getting up there though. My fave song definitely is "This Picture." It rocks, and it has amazing lyrics. This album definitely has a few more electronic textures than the previous, but I think it sounds great. Now, if they will only come back to the US again....
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    > > it. Anyone here have any opinions?
    I like it (certainly better than "Black Market Music", which I didn't really like at all) - and I think "The Bitter End" is by far the best single they've released since "Without You I'm Nothing".
  3. Here's a review from AO

    sleeping with ghosts - P L A C E B O
    [out 04.01.03]
    4 out of 5 stars

    Soul mates never die

    Since their last album (Black Market Music) Placebo has managed to stay true to their fans. The boys still have that driving force to keep making brilliant albums. With 'Sleeping With Ghosts' they take you on a ride you'll never forget. The opening instrumental song 'Bulletproof Cupid’ is a definite high so to speak. This is the type of song which you can turn the volume all the way up for.

    The first single of SWG is 'The Bitter End', this is classic Placebo. It is reminiscent of 'Come Home' from the first album and 'Special K' from the third album. The title track ‘Sleeping with Ghosts’ is lyrically spectacular. One doesn't think that much of soul mates when they're six feet under. This song will make you believe that they will always be with you, because soul mates never die.

    It also looks like Placebo managed to make SWG without the use of the “Parental Advisory” sticker. Is this a sign of maturity? Brian explains this on a recent interview (UK Rock Sound), "This time I did that without having to give reference to the contents of my medicine cabinet or a whole series of 'fucks' and 'shits'. I've reached a point where I don't need that as much, which must mean the writing's getting better."

    Indeed, Brian’s writing has only gotten better since their debut album. This is not to say that Steve and Stefan are to be left out, because without them all you would have are angelic words to listen to. Another key thing to remember about Placebo is their use of hidden tracks on each album. Just to let you know, only the Japanese release of SWG contains the hidden track. So it looks like if you’re a devoted fan you’ll be purchasing both.

    The album is very well put together and this is sure to make many new Placebo fans. Be sure to pick up the cd singles of the ‘The Bitter End’ as well if you’re keen on b-sides. A full UK tour starts April 1, no word yet on a US tour but most likely it will happen after July.

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