Slant Magazine: "Review: Shoplifters of the World Fails to Capture What Made the Smiths Special" - 1.5*s out of 5 (March 22, 2021)


Slant Magazine - David Robb.

The film lacks for the empathy, curiosity, and sense of humor that are the defining characteristics of the Smiths’s music.


"In the absence of fully formed characters, the film leans more toward an idealized, nostalgic fantasy, and the cast does often succeed in injecting the story with a sense of life. Coltrane impressively tempers Dean’s sincerity with a smirking self-consciousness, while Howard has a spontaneous, infectious energy. At their best, these performances suggest the youthful charm of something like Dazed and Confused, though Shoplifters of the World is a bit too polished and lacking in period detail to achieve the effortless joy of Richard Linklater’s classic."

Given how long this film has taken to materialise, please see the 'Shoplifters Movie' tag page for a larger set of related items.

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Deserves 0 out of 5. Rubbish “film” that is a slap to the face of filmmaking. A waste of time for those who live in reality and not in a delusional fantasy world.
It seems that it's a truly bad movie... but that's somehow what I expected.
I assume I will watch it with enthusiasm and my enthusiasm will be decreasing as the movie goes by... and then I will end up cursing the director, the screenwriter, the director of photography, the art director, the costume designer, the actors, the extras, the cameraman, the cookers of the catering and UncleSkinny.

Anyway, I will watch it for sure (which is funny, because I am 99.999999% sure that I will regret it).
never judge a film by what a critic says,how do we know this person doesnt hate M to start with.
watch it and make up your own mind.iv seen and read thousands of film reviews and the amount of films that were so called crap turned out to be films that i enjoyed.
shoplifters movie
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