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Anti-semite is a nonsense term that came into play around the turn of the century. It is used to shield Jews from criticism. People don't even know what a semite is and throw that wizard word around all the time to try and stop arguments they don't like

@ davidt Do you f***ing get it now?

No point in trying to reason with these racists. They all have their ‘facts’ ...brainwashed through self indoctrination. It’s unfortunate, but they must of had some one-off experience that brought them to their/this way of ‘thinking’, it’s really sad.

They have to find out for themselves how wrong they truly are in their beliefs. Can’t be shown the light, it’s like arguing with creationists, they prefer to live in the dark, in ignorance.

That says it all. End of.


Yes "facts " are racist right. And the only indoctrination is coming from your emotional response and ignorance. That Jew ran propaganda clearly worked in indoctrinating you.

And please don't start spewing atheist/evolution nonsense in an attempt to derail the thread. You guys do this in nearly every post because you can't dispute the actual argument. So make one or why bother playing this silly same


Vegan Cro’s parents regret the condom splitting
How bout make a point that is not convoluted or attempts to conflate things to a point the the original meaning and intent is lost.

Irrelevant. Comment on topic or go troll elsewhere

Don’t tell me what to do fella. The question is not irrelevant, why did you suddenly decide to join this site?
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