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Peter Hook of Joy Division:
Siouxsie And The Banshees were one of our big influences [...] The Banshees first LP was one of my favourite ever records, the way the guitarist and the drummer played was a really unusual way of playing.

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Siouxsie Sue must have liked slasher movies too. :rolleyes:
" Out of the frying pan, into the fire,
Mother had her son for tea " :squiffy:

But then followed by the semi-intellectual
" The impulse is quite meaningless,
It's a cerebral non-event ". :rolleyes:

WTF that was supposed to mean remains an eternal mystery. :brows:
But I just loved the nonsensical, the absurdness of it all.
It's like a surrealistic painting.
Still do.


The first free concert I ever went to was Siouxsie and The Banshees.

My brother won tickets of KROQ for their show at the Palladium in Hollywood with Love and Rockets opening.

The song with 'Cities Lie in Dust' for a chorus and 'Peekaboo' were their hits at the time.

I didn't care for either band.

Then the lords blessed me.

I went to a KROQ acoustic xmas one year when ole Siouxsie was up on the bill and she came out, slipped in a puddle of something, and fell right on her ass. She stole the show.


The classic B-side, the famous proto-Trip-Hop "Tattoo" that would influence the Bristol scene with Tricky (he would cover it) and also Massive attack.
"Tattoo" already contained the trademarks of the trip-hop genre except it was recorded in 1983

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