Sinéad O'Connor records new version of 'This is to mother you' for GEMS...

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....and prepares new album

Sinéad O'Connor has done vocals last month in a studio in Dublin for a re-recording of her song "This is to mother you", especially for the GEMS charity organisation in New York. GEMS concentrates on helping and supporting young girls in North America who have become the victims of child trafficking, especially for sexual purposes. It helps to rescue the girls, provides safe homes for them, arranges counselling to help them take control of their traumatic experiences and helps them with education and training opportunities. The charity also provides programmes to enable law enforcement people to reach a greater understanding of the victims of child trafficking. "This is to mother you" will musically spearhead a campaign to raise awareness, and funds, for their work. Also to be included on the recording are two other vocalists, Mary J Blige and Santigold. They will both be doing their vocals in New York. The new version of the song is produced by Doc McKinney and Ali Shaheed from Tribe Called Quest. The song will be available for download in the near future.

In further news, the Irish singer has also been writing, co-writing and demoing new songs. Sinead: "Maybe in the next couple of months we might make two or three of them available for streaming on the site. I am hoping the record will be made and mixed by the end of this year, at the latest, and that way we will be able to get it out on sale, download and physical, sometime in Spring of 2010." The singer also plans a tour with a full band doing electric and acoustic stuff. Fans can also expect some rare live recordings of O'Connor's last shows to be made available for free online.

Sinéad O'Connor has been doing a small number of acoustic shows during the Summer joined by Steve Cooney on guitars and Kieran Kiely on guitars, keyboards, whistle and flute. Below is a video of O'Connor doing a solo version of the old song "Troy" in Amsterdam this Summer.

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