Simply Mick is a dick



There’s a big difference between “welcoming” individuals, and a slavering, ginger Brit just pandering and trying to appear ”cool” himself.
Mick Hucknall has never been cool, have you seen him now? His character in Bo Selecta looks more like Mick than he actually does!!!

Flaming Redhead

The last taboo. You can laugh at ginger people, you can't laugh at 'dizzy blondes' any more. You can't demean women. But you're safe with ginger people. 'Ginger nut, fell in the cup, frightened all the fishes' EDIT: I'd forgotten the most sinister line 'the fishes came up and gobbled him up and that was the end of ginger nut' Not only a sentiment of amusement but also a wish for ginger people not to have existed.
Only the English use the term ginger, everywhere else people call it red hair and redheads are admired.
Especially Irish redheads who are not to be messed with.
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