Silly question about "Spring-Heeled Jim"


Alabaster Crashes Down
I've been listening to "The Moz" for almost 30 years and I just decided now to get the answer to this question. At the end of Spring-Heeled Jim I can't decipher what is being said.....Something along the lines of "And I catch 'em and I say his menu or I say his men do"? I don't know what the heck that weird sounding person is saying but it's time to unravel the mystery..........


Alabaster Crashes Down
"And they catch him, and they say he's mental."

Mental being a term for crazy in the UK, if you're not from there.

Thank you!! I can go on with my life now LOL.....Mental has the same meaning here in the USA, as far as I know. Kind of like all of the people going mental over this Coronavirus....Insane!

Exarcheia Palace

What an up-to-date question pewtavert. And this is no irony.
Everyone is mental, no?
Take care everyone and stay safe.

Mental greetings from Athens, Greece
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