Signed years of refusal


Ordinary Boy
A friend of mine has a signed copy of years of refusal from the yor tour , 2/30 , due to hard times he is being forced to sell it , it's authenticated with sticks etc

It's not mine but I said I would mention it , he's looking for the best offer he can get

It was from the stirling show in Scotland

( he has number 2 because I got number one )

Pm me any reasonable offers and I will pass on , he may end up doing eBay
Payments would be made by PayPal

It's perfect condition
Hello mate, I haven't seen you around for a bit.

It's interesting that you say this signed copy of YoR is in perfect condition. I've got #02 from the Stockholm show (I bet you can guess who got #01 :p)
and its a bit knocked about, nothing serious but it is hardly mint. I guess by the the time they got to Sweden it had been kicking around for a while? I still love it though :D
Concidering the hassle that ensued after picking up those couple of records, I'm pleased with the odd bump.
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