Signed shirt on ebay (Brixton gig)

Famous when dead

I wish I'd seen these at the gigs, I'd of bought them up to pay for going to the gigs.
So, buy it now of £375 and a whopping £25.67 postage...
Almost quadrupling your money is one thing, but 26 quid to ship a t-shirt - good grief!
I don't normally link to ebay auctions, but I know there's some after authentic signatures - I guess it's down to your wallet to decide.


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If the bidding’s quiet and someone can sneak it for £200-250, sell the three LPs and make some money back then it’s not so bad all things considered. They are nicely signed, I wouldn’t mind buying it but it’s a mugs game to pay £375 for something that cost how much ? Still it’s not the worst example of overpricing on eBay, there’s currently a signed V&I from battersea at £750!
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