signed morrissey life-sized cutout from london palladium show 2011



Hi there,

I bought the infamous naked life-sized carboard cutout of Morrissey, signed, at the London Palladium show in 2011, and am looking to sell it on eBay. I wondered if anyone here had the knowledge to help me out. Is it sought after? and what kind of price would be fair?
Of course anyone here would have priority as I would prefer it to go to a genuine fan.


(if you're interested in the item please email me at [email protected])


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I bought one of those in London too and a friend in Brazil said she knew lots of people that would pay quite a bit for it, I'd say at least a few hundred £, only issue I see is posting it. Mine's still under my bed in the original plastic bag, haven't found the perfect spot in the flat for my naked Moz.

joe frady

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What to put on the customs declaration?.....


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Why would you buy one and then keep it in the bag under the bed!?! I bought one at the Pomona,CA show (LA area)...i used thumb tacks to stick him to my wall in the bedroom. My boyfriend gets to look at naked Morrissey every time he stays the night! :)


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I haven't found the best possible place to put it yet, not enough bedroom wall, I live in a small flat.... But agree it's fun having Moz by the bed!
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