Show Off Your Guitar!

El Manzo

♡ mr. tender ♡
Telecaster '72 Custom - MIA, 1978


El Manzo

♡ mr. tender ♡
^ Uh Uh... That's what I call a great assortment. Thanks for your contribution, Cat's Mother.


Hey, well, I'm varied:


Yamaha keyboard, Yahama 12-String (very prog rock), Yamaha ltd ed bluey-green 6 string acoustic-electric, genuine Gibson Les Paul Custom, Stag bass (the cheapest bass money can buy!). If I could have been arsed to remove the bubble-wrap from under the headphones, you could have seen my home recording equipment (v. swanky). Yes, I am a Buffalo Bills fan, even though I am English. Note the "single person's tie rack" (AKA a clothes hanger a la Brad Pitt in "Seven") and messy single bed only visible in reflection of wardrobe.

Holy shit, this pic is a work of art!

Sir Alec

I have a Fender Strat (that I hate) and my beloved EHX Big Muff Pi as my main pedal. I'm going to purchase a new guitar in a few weeks. I have nearly enough cash for a "Black Beauty" similar to what Imhotep has, but I'm gonna settle for a Sheraton II so I can invest in a new Marshall Amp (a JCM2000) later on.


Senior Citizen Discount


I sold my best guitar and several others that were cool because I needed the money. :( But I like seeing these guitars.


you should see mine
I have one much like this.


Can't remember what make. *snorts hysterically*

And one like this.


They don't get much action these days. I gave another one away to my housemate (an acoustic) and am considering given my telecaster to my kid brother. I only have love for my blue one.

"So what kind of guitar do you have Chuck?"
"Erm, it's a blue one!"

virtually dead

Simply Thrilled, Honey
^ I have the same telecaster, I'll post a picture when I get home, and a very cheap 'first guitar' that I decorated with newspaper cuttings.

The Cat's Mother

Here's the rest of them (except for the one Stig keeps at his office to de-stress). Note Joycie creeping up with a duster to give 'em a polish. She just can't resist! :D



what year is that gibson? is it a custom?

It's from around '97, so it's not a vintage. Les Paul's Classic guitar is one that he endorsed, but the custom was made to his specifications. So it's not a CUSTOM custom, if you know what I mean. Cost me a packet though.
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