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I tought it would be great to have a thread where you can post your collection (or at least a part of it) no matter which music format or artist.
So feel free to post images of your treasures.
Exiciting background stories or detailed statements desirable.

To get started, that's my small David Bowie record collection:

I'm very proud of the (mint) Ziggy Stardust 1st Uk pressing I picked up for 7€.
It's easier to just say look at my Discogs... I don't "collect" a lot of artists, but outside of The Smiths and Morrissey, I have a good bit of Cocteau Twins stuff, and several March Violets records.



I also keep music VHS/DVD's and odd-packaging releases and zines on the upper shelf.

(AWESOME! This picture finally helped me to locate the missing cordless phone that been dead off the hook for ages!)

CD's and cassette tapes (the later in the multiple hundreds, possibly up to 1K+, though most are not proper music cassettes per se) are mostly under my bed and in every corner and surface of every room I occupy in this house.
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The TT is one of those newer Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB turntables that seems to be really popular right now. Can't say it's not a really nice unit for the price, though the stock cart is pretty unspectacular and requires a ludicrously-heavy tracking force of around 3.0-3.5 grams... I need a new one. Been avoiding playing anything lately because the stylus is pretty worn down by this time too.

It's not at all "bad" though, cartridge aside. I am extremely happy with it. One other major gripe is that the feet aren't really adjustable, so it's kind of a pain getting it even sort of level on that crappy Ikea-type shelf I'm stuck using.
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I'm very proud of the (mint) Ziggy Stardust 1st Uk pressing I picked up for 7€.

Me too accept it's got bloody initials on the center, best quality I've ever heard though..:)

Nice collection:thumb: btw
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R.E.M.: "Put of time", "Up","Reveal", "Around the sun", "Accelerate", "Collapse into now" and ""Part lies.."

Oasis: "(What's the story) Morning Glory", "Be here now", "Masterplain", "Heathen chemistry", "Don't belive the truth", "Dig out your soul" and "I'm outt time" (single).

Belle & Sebastian: "This is just a modern rock song" (single), "Jonathan David" (Single), "I'm waking up to us" (single), "BBC sessions" and "Write about love".

I have collection of David Bowie, Legião Urbana and also Velvet Underground which I'll post soon...
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