should morrissey die


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No. I don't think so. He should get his act together and start doing something different. Should he die? No. Of course not. Should anyone die because they're in the limelight. He should carry on living and ignoring people who say he should. He's been in view all this time and he's never been appreciated fully for all he's done. If I was Morrissey, I'd be as reckless as I saw fit. I'd have wrecked it all a long time ago. We make the assumption he cares. He probably doesn't. He can do what he wants.
You hate black people.


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At first I was very angry about this evil and stupid thread of a obviously stupid person, but it leads to the very first positive post from Skinny about Moz for years!
A distasteful thread. But I don’t think anyone has the right to get angry, considering the amount of people Morrissey has wished death on.
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