Short but sweet 'random' Twitter exchange about Moz on Twitter tonight...

...between Eddi Reader and someone named Grace Dent:

gracedent Grace Dent
i'd still marry moz. we could make it work.
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eddireader Eddi Reader
@gracedent ha! Get in the beard queue hen!!
2 hours ago

gracedent Grace Dent
@eddireader i would be happy. we could just go for breakfast together. and have the odd row.
2 hours ago

eddireader Eddi Reader
@gracedent he wrote to me and I held his hand through an REM gig once... BEARD POINTS 10... I win!


Wow! Quite intimately profound! Imagine the calibre of the rest of the audience all over the place, besides ourselves of course.
What's that Elbow song? 'one day like this a year could see me through'. But ideally and deservedly, offers will come of it.


My secret's my enzyme.
Grace Dent was born a year and a day before me. Maybe it's a Libra dreamyland in sync moment caught on twitter. :D


It's all good
She interviewed me about Moz a few years ago. The stuff that was publilshed bore no resemblence to the interview, but that's journalism for you.

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