Shelagh Delaney has died

Update Nov, 21, 9:40 PM PT:

Statement from Morrissey:

Shelagh Delaney -


A genuine poet has passed through the world. Shelagh Delaney exercised a wide influence with the shock of plain language, and shafts of satiric wit, into a severe and donnish 1950s world where working-class people had thus far been assumed to be simplistic, flag-waving cannon-fodder. Her writing was a magnificent confession of life as it was commonly lived in her hometown of Salford, with all of its carefully preserved monotony. She was attacked for immorality, which, then as now, is proof that you have hit on something.

'A Taste of Honey' was a sentiment that had not been expressed before its time - far more real than life.

It was the Salford of sagging roofs, rag and bone men, walk-up flats, derelict sites, rear-entrance buses, and life in tight circumstances.

Shelagh Delaney did not become fat with success, or become a celebrity, because she was of richer intellect.

She has always been a part of my life as a perfect example of how to get up and get out and do it. If you worry about respect you don't get it. Shelagh Delaney had it and didn't seem to notice it.

Los Angeles, November 2011.


Shelagh Delaney, author of “A Taste of Honey,” dies of cancer at 71
- The Washington Post


LONDON — Playwright Shelagh Delaney, best known for her 1958 play “A Taste of Honey,” has died of cancer, her agent said Monday.

Delaney died Sunday night at her daughter’s home in eastern England, said agent Jane Villiers. Delaney was a few days short of her 72nd birthday.

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The contributions and the spirit live on but, sadly, the writer is no longer with us.

A Taste of Honey is just pretty good, and it's the only thing of note she ever did.

Also, she lived a long life and was apparently retired from writing, so is it really that sad to the wider world?
Apparently you have never had the priviledge of watching a loved one or someone you know die of cancer..i

Every family has people stricken with cancer. Delaney made it into her 70s so it's not really that tragic.

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