Sheffield 30/10/09 videos


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Here are the links to the videos I shot at Sheffield last night. At first I didn't think I'd be able to get anything as the place was a seated venue and had lots of security. When Moz came on everyone were on their feet, so I got this footage which I hope you'll like. This has taken hours of editing and compressing and uploading, so some (preferably nice) feedback would be greatly appreciated, it's all I ask. More to follow. Enjoy :D - Death At One's Elbow - First Of The Gang To Die - Ganglord - I'm Okay By Myself - Is It Really So Strange?
I've just finished to download the "Leeds videos" and here the "Sheffield's ones" :):):) : "mozmal" you're INCREDIBLE !!! Wonderful stuff :thumb::thumb:


Beastly Little Parasite


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I simply can't thank you enough for these videos. I was there at the front of the stage and it was quite simply a brilliant show by Morrissey. These videos will be a constant reminder. Once again many thanks and keep up the good work.


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Just finished downloading them all,
your efforts are highly appreciated mozmal.


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Thanks so much for putting up all these vids. Gonna take awhile to download them all :)... but am enjoying the ones I've seen so far. Always nice to see vids with decent sound... thanks again!
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