Sharron Needles

Re: Yes, I remember! The audience 'fluffer' mentioned that she was expecting, I think.

Yeah I was 7 months pregnant at the time... I was very happy to get was a cool taping. It got even better as the night went on, after the taping we went to the Cat and the Fiddle, and Moz and the guys were there.
I got a picture with Gary, and got all of them to sign my little book I had on me...oh something that Julia puts out every now and then. Boz was great as so was Dean and Gary... Moz wasnt up talking, but it was all good... great night..
I finally got to hugg and kiss Gary... after many many years of just yelling to him from afar. LOL!

Sharron, you guys were the key that was missing all night tho!!
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