24th January (this Friday) is the official release date for IT'S OVER / IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME 7-inch disc. Available at HMV, Rough Trade, Amazon online.

Original Bowie image:

Central reminding us the single that was available in December will be released on Friday. I'm sure the Bowie 'autograph' will provide some discussion too.


Related item:

!Viva Hate!

pls scream inside your heart ⚧
1. Nu-huh.

2. Making your argument with a meme? Are you 13?

3. You’re really not.

1. Yawe.

2. I’d say the 13 year old thing to do would be to attempt to disqualify a valid point because you didn’t like that it was written on a picture. Which is interesting considering how much of Morrissey’s career has been built around using old images with words on them to get a message across...

3. I am.


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I guess the use of promotion for the sake of bringing awareness to the work (which you write of above) vs. its use for strictly monetary gain is one that can be endlessly argued. I still think it is possible to see the difference between art and advertisement.

Some, like Warhol, married the two for effect, but the result is almost entirely superficial consumerism. The Morrissey of thirty years ago surely saw the difference, and would never have used such tactics for the promotion of his music. He has made it quite clear that he is not for sale over the years, but now everyone living or dead is fair game for him to exploit in this regard.

Skinny is this some sort of underhanded ploy? Trying to look dumb on purpose?


Good idea Baz - skinny's apparently doing the same kinda thing - he's calling it SSS - Skinny Sad Shits
Current members are: skinny (uncle version), skinny (benny version), skinny (surface version), & skinny (anon versions). :lbf:
Well done squiffy, your on the list... no need to sit in front of the selection committee, as your in ... good work


1. from reading your posts on this site, it’s clear you’re not a ‘sweetheart’.

2. Bowie refuses to allow morrissey to use a photo of them together on a single sleeve. That doesn’t mean Moz can’t have a photo of Bowie on his website.

3. Maybe you don’t care about this single, but you are not everybody.
Well done snoddy.. your on the list as well and no need for you either to sit in front of the selection committee... your in... good work..

vegan cro spirit 888

Thanks for your two cents Puppy Puddle, but you better save them as what you do around here isn't worth a dime. You make idiocy look so seamless...I'm jealous. :rolleyes:

Barnaby you idiocy is DISJOINTED????:censored:

Barnaby , 'Puppy Puddle' is much TOO GAY even for your. Put the wheelchair on park and do some pull ups.:grimacing:


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Thanks for your two cents Puppy Puddle, but you better save them as what you do around here isn't worth a dime. You make idiocy look so seamless...I'm jealous. :rolleyes:

Skinny this fake id is much too dumb, you should merge him with 'Nerak' and have the resultant Frankenstein post in hieroglyphics


To be fair, I recall them (and IB) reacting positively to their images being used on Central and with a web site plus a 'repository' now on IG, expect much more of the same - TBH, I think this stuff is now being churned out expressly to get Sam's attention / get reposted:

View attachment 54160

I always try to credit uncredited sources where possible - even if just to clarify that SER didn't physically make the 'art' in question whilst being accused of said.
I couldn't be arsed in this case as I thought the 'in joke' was in poor taste despite Morrissey's signing of things being topical.
Personally, I'd be glad to see the back of any doctored image appearing there. I'd prefer an obscure film reference to go research that didn't involve 'fans' - it would just make life easier :)
No Bruce Lee with bonus signed nunchuks for gordyboy? Oh, excuse me, 'nunchaku' for gordyboy.

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