Set The Boy Free - Demo's, the Ritz show and EMI demo?


While I haven't read Johnny's whole autobiography yet, I am curious about some of the tapes and demos he talks about.
While I think we know where the first demo is, with "Birthday" on it is, but I am curious about some others.

He said he gave Andy a copy of the Ritz show to see if he was interested in joining. Is that floating around? Or does Mike have it?

Also, has the demo they recorded for EMI with "Handsome Devil", Miserable Lie", and "What Difference Does It Take" surfaced yet?

Other parts that I am interested in is when he talks about recording the first demo for "How Soon Is Now" on his Tascam Portastudio and Roland Dramatix Drum Machine, and his demos of " William" and "Please Please"?

Also, the demo tapes of the original music for "There Is A Light", "I Know It's Over" and "Frankly"

I haven't finished the book yet but wanted to put this out there. I wonder if Johnny and Morrissey just held on to these or if they were destroyed with time.

Just seeing if anyone knows the whereabouts of these, especially the Ritz show...
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