SER YT: "Solomoz" - Bobby remix teaser? (June 1, 2020)

Rejoice everyone. You're getting another bowl of gruel.
But you just can't get your fill. You're a very strange man. Bit creepy. Bit stalker.
Almost everyone who posts on this site is though so don't let it worry you.
fantastic,love a good remix now and again.two old fogeys above wouldn't know what a club was,probably still call it a discotheque.
Looks like it's been added to some video from a different song.
I believe it is a pun on the DJ 'Solomun' - 'Solomoz'.
He posted the actual sound from the video used on his IG stories a while back and it certainly wasn't Bobby!
Just used for the humour value I suspect.
Ngl this is a proper Gym tune - Works well because the orignal track and album is synthn laden.
I was thinking about photoshopping my art into a video of a museum full of browsing people.

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