SER YT: "Morrissey - The Night Pop Dropped / Morrissey chants at The Hammersmith 2023" (March 24, 2023)

Love everything about this, and about you. Voice is better than ever. Moments in this song are reminiscent and evocative to me of some of my favorite older French songs from decades past. Although everything about this song is creative and new and modern, but I love that it still reminds me in a fleeting way of some other music I’ve also loved for so long. This was stunning and Mozzy is a sweetheart. The future’s never looked more beguiling. Congratulations on another such beautiful tour.

Wonderful to hear, & see, this total adoration. More of this please.

'Good times for a change...'
If you can’t make it out, M says “hello” to a fan approaching him in the gap between the stage and crowd and then “Goodbye” as said fan is swiftly dragged away by security.
Yes, I used to be the same. As you say time is ticking so fast.
I think all we can hope for is some cobbled together bootleg ECT.

I’m really amazed at this Antwerp gig tho.
He’s just got precious up from the audience and they had brief chat,
She then asked for a hug, he said no, I’m busy. 🤣🤣
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