Morrissey Central & SER YT: "If Saturday Ever Comes" - Morrissey 'Lost Demo' (October 29, 2021)



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As some have said, Bond, 60s, low production.
I can here all of that.
A stunning vocal as always.
Decent music.
It just went on a bit for me.

Was waiting for something to happen but it just rolled on, the vocals saves the music from being repetitive.
I Re - Produced It To Be Clear .... For Anyone Should Know That All Producers & Mastering Engineers Compete To Increase The Loudness Of Any Album They Dun Care About What Will Happen ( Distortion & Hisses , Noises ... Etc ) A Few Of Engineers Know What's The Real Meaning Of The Digital Mastering ..... Enjoy It .. Share It Everywhere .
Give me half an hour - will look in to it.
The source has some of that present regardless, but the software I'm using on phone isn't as good as PC - will produce a straight audio rip via Audacity shortly.
Won't be doing anything quickly without quality control again!
This has grown on me with more listens.
I do always like the ''pairing'' songs that look from the opposite perspective and provide more nuance.
So we have...
The Headmaster Ritual - The Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils
All the Lazy Dykes - Kick the Bride Down the Aisle
and now we have...
I Bury the Living - If Saturday Ever Comes

Though I tend to have a more empathetic view of Bury then most people seem to

Theres others I've paired before but they escape me right now. Any other examples?
I actually think it is alright, considering it is just a demo that was never turned into a proper song. Certainly one of the better of these unreleased tracks I'd say. The vocals are very good, the lyrics are nothing special but are decent and work well with the track.
Personally, I'd place it closer to circa 2017 rather than 2020.
The tone, topic and overall 'feel' to my ears is more LIHS overspill.

Edit: now appears confirmed as a Dog outtake via YT comments.
This was a Bonfire outtake. The music was written on 10/31/2020 and Mixed mid November. Not sure when the vocals were added.
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