Morrissey Central & SER YT: "If Saturday Ever Comes" - Morrissey 'Lost Demo' (October 29, 2021)



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Everyday is like Saturday
If it wasn't a demo, but a fully arranged track, I'd love to see it instead of the disgusting Bobby on the unchained Dog album .
Anyway, Sam is to be applauded for finally posting something interesting on Morrissey Central
If that's an example of what we can expect from Bonfire, well ......
It is just a demo... and while I can see why it didn't progress past that stage, I don't love or hate it. Outside of a child's-sized handful of tracks from the vault, I'm always pleased to hear stuff like this, regardless of quality. While I'm cautiously optimistic about Bonfire, what I'm really looking forward to is the one to follow...
I like it. A collection of lost songs like these would be so great. It makes me sad how unorganized his catalogue is. (Don't get me started on the Smiths... at least their stuff is all on one label, but what a mess it would be to try and do a cohesive re-release program for Morrissey's back catalogue.)
Personally, I'd place it closer to circa 2017 rather than 2020.
The tone, topic and overall 'feel' to my ears is more LIHS overspill.

Edit: now appears confirmed as a Dog outtake via YT comments.
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Mediocrity of the composition aside, I think the lo-fi nature of the recording actually suits Morrissey quite well. I’d love to see him take a step back from the overly produced approach to his last few albums and do something more along the lines of the analog, candle-lit noir that this track is reaching for.

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