SER Twitter & YT: Morrissey Live In Birmingham trailer (May 21, 2021)


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i hit the bullseye🙂
the stuff about curtains is off bernie butcher
when he says i went to show x
it means he watched a couple of vids on
the internet or a blue rose blog entry:hammer:
I’ve posted dozens and dozens of set lists for your alter ego Butcher and you, to post emojis over. 👈💰💷💶 :hammer:

Vegan Cro Spirit .888

been here a month but has been posting dozens
of set lists for non existing shows:hammer:
would you like a motorcycle (invisible) as a reward
for your valuable service?:crazy:

Vegan Cro Spirit .888


thats good because an exhaustive search finds 0 set lists from
perhaps you can post 'the setlists' for the 2 Israel
shows in case they dont take place

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