SER Twitter: "May 22… Should I open the vault?“ (May 9, 2021)


He's also been busy on 'Official' IG stories, but that requires visiting to view everything:

Does Sam's vault include the new Morrissey interview he 'alerted' us to 196 days ago? :unsure:
Sam’s ready to flex his famous generosity and throw to the unwashed masses a demo of an outtake of a Gustavo co-write from 2018.
He something will give us you will see it for your birthday something is plotting our lovely man,..,I know...... I sense it, but I want to see it now!!! O Lujissey patience Mozua is on its way
The published sign says birthday? That question mark will be answered soon.... in my opinion Mozy has something for us, Morrissey's eternal worshippers !!!! I love my Mozua!!!! My life has the interview !!!! yessss
Who’s the dreadfully off-key “singer”, warbling over that Johnny Marr track?
Yet another one-take live concert stream from Santiago de Chile or some other exotic place where people with perfect skin praise the lord.
that clip was edited very well and the whole show would be worth watching.
if your opening the vault make sure rainbow valley falls out.
Would love some live shows! The audio quality of that single cam Calgary show is absolutely brilliant. Do it, SER.

That one was filmed by the venue though, not by SER.
Regardless of the fact, that SER will probably post a full live show again, he can really only go back as far as WPINOYB in terms of studio and rights.
Has it actually been officially clarified when "Blue Dreamers Eyes" and "By the time..." date from?

If SER, who has obviously been handed the key to the archive, would be so generous as to dig out some old studio treasures (and I mean "old") from the shelf, all would be forgiven.
You know, I really do have my principles, but I can have others if you want.
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...To join your dead relatives?

Can't think of anyone who'd stop you...
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