SER (Photography): new website featuring Morrissey pictures

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By Famous when dead on Jan 30, 2018 at 3:00 PM
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    1. Oh my
      Oh my
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    2. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      Sam E put together a nice collection.
      I'm diggin' the pic of Moz meditating in front of the World Peace drum.
      It's Moz becoming one with the cosmic sonics and letting is energy rise to orbit with the celestial orbs.
      Or maybe he's just taking a break from Moz Boppin'.
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    3. gordyboy9
      some very good photos,i imagine he will keep adding to it especially with the uk tour.
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    4. Mauricey
      Looking at these confirms my suspicion - Mr. Rayner is pretty pedestrian photographer. Sorry
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    5. Anonymous
      No need to apologise. He’s god awful. It’s actually a bit embarrassing
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    6. URBANUS
      Men named Sam, Kim and Robin......
    7. Anonymous
      Travesty Rayner is a walking abomination
    8. AztecCamera
      I reckon lil' Sammy is a nice chap. Reckon he played on the Yankees in Calabasas Little League. Reckon he does top mental skateboard tricks at The Cove with Jack Osbourne.
    9. AndwhenIfellonthefloor
    10. Peppermint
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    11. Peterb
      Noticed the crucifix.
      Do you think 'Himself' has a god thing going on?
    12. Peterb
      I wonder if Mr Rayner is responsible for the truly dreadful 'Swords' cover?
    13. Peppermint
      Well, I'm not Catholic, but they say it never leaves you, no matter how hard you try. Or do you actually mean a God complex?
    14. Peppermint
      The 'taking a shit in the woods' one?
    15. Peterb
      No, I'm sure he hasn't a god complex.
      You could be right about the Catholic thing although I was born into a Catholic family and I've certainly left it behind!
    16. Peterb
      Yeah, that's the one.
    17. Peppermint
      Quite possibly an early SER. It's got that incompetent look about it. What I don't get is, it's not as if Morrissey isn't a decent subject. He's extraordinarily photogenic, even now, and not just in an attractive way - he's got a really interesting face. Added to that, you've got his own artistic sensibilities and left-field interests, which you would think might yield some inspiration. Compare the photos Linder and Jake took of him and the difference is stark. This boy has no artistry or imagination, besides his limited skills.
    18. Peterb
      It's as if they got everything ready and completely forgot about the cover and dashed out to a local wood with an instamatic and grabbed a couple of hurried shots.
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    19. dotmatrix522
      Per the album credits, Travis Shinn took the infamous Swords cover!

      But...I could see SER being influenced by it, perhaps. ;)
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